​Paper Flowers - Schemes, Templates, and Options for Decorating with Your Own Hands

Paper Flower Templates made with your own hands have many possibilities, such as decoration of gift wrapping, elements of interior decoration and leisure. And it takes a little patience and imagination on the part of the creator to set the direction for shooting three-dimensional flowers from paper.

A little theory

Have an idea, but no materials? Not this time. Any kind of paper can be used to make flowers: glossy magazine pages, napkins, A4 size for the office, small stickers. All you need are scissors, thread, and PVA. And this is where the density of the paper already depends on how three-dimensional the flower is made with your own hands.

For what purpose and to what end?

For simple shapes that do not require the plasticity of the material, cardboard or glossy pages are suitable.

Tissue or cardboard can be used to represent flowers realistically. The key to this material is to consider the direction of the wrinkles along the petals. If the wrinkles are cut out so that they cross or slant against the central axis of the petals, the result will be flat and unrealistic.

Newspapers, kraft paper, office paper, stickers, etc. can be used to make Paper Craft Templates freely without being bound by rules.

On the other hand, Giant Paper Flower Templates that can only be peeled off on one side need to be tested by folding the corners and then straightening them. If you can see a white layer through the fold, send it to a thicker paper. This is not suitable for complex pieces. If not, you can still use it to create ambitious works of art.

Materials that are "weightless," such as parchment or tracing paper, can be set aside for beginners. These materials are fickle and must be moistened and then dried.

Practical Uses

When reading or watching a master class on sensual flowers, pay attention to the complexity of the creation process. Emphasize the most difficult moments and practice with rough leaves. Do you understand? Then you are ready to bring your idea to life.

If not, don't rush to cut the paper and choose a simpler method. Beautifully made, simple flowers not only bring positive emotions, but they also look better than "hard" flowers. This step-by-step guide on "How to Make Flowers for Beginners" will help even first-time creators create a masterpiece.

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