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CVV code is used by payment systems to establish the authenticity of a bank card. MasterCard applies CVC2, and Visa uses CVV2 codes. These numbers should not be confused with a PIN code, which only the cardholder knows and enters it every time when withdrawing cash or making payments in commercial networks.

CVV code on the card What is the CVV code of the card, where to watch it?

Many people ask what is a cvv card or what is a cvv code. Both are a three-digit, sometimes four-digit code of numbers that banking systems invented to simplify the verification of card data. That is, using this code, and buy cvv in, the payment system identifies your card every time you make a monetary transaction.

Also, not everyone knows what cvv is where to look for it. This code is located on the back of your card - the last three digits of the seven-digit number. They are visually separated and are located near the place to sign.

CVV2 code

In some cases, CVV2 or CVC2 numbers may not be mapped . Then you should contact the bank that issued this card and clarify its code.

What does digit 2 mean in CVV2 / CVC2 codes?

The number 2 indicates the second code, buyed in cc shop , which is used when making various payments with this card, and also indicates that there is also the first hidden code, which is usually recorded on a magnetic strip.

CVV2 Limitations

The presence of a CVV2 code is not a sufficient condition for conducting transactions on the Internet. Sellers have the right to request it to confirm the authenticity of the card, but some banks may deny this request for certain types of cards.

In addition, CVV2 can not protect card data from phishing, if the owner accidentally “tousled” him, misled by fraudsters.

Also, this code from shop can be stored by the seller for a short time, which means that during a subsequent transaction (with regular debiting of funds from the card for a certain service) cannot be reused. These sellers, in particular, include the worldwide payment services PayPal, iTunes Store, Steam, etc.

Since this type of data authenticity is not ideal, in the future they may consider other ways of checking, for example, requesting a certain code or password previously agreed with the bank and the cardholder.

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